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Join our bootcamp and gain the skills and knowledge needed
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A Product Design Bootcamp

12 weeks, 300 hours, 3 days a week, full-time, offline Digital Product Design Bootcamp in
HSR, Bangalore designed to make you placement ready, 30 people at a time.

Your Shortcut to a Long Career in Product Design

Navigate your product design journey with precision pioneering long-lasting success.

The Confusion in Career Progression

Your career's clarity compass for a smooth transition.

The Knowing-Doing Gap

Master the art of turning ideas into tangible accomplishments

Creative Confidence

Spark creative confidence for endless possibilities and success.

Placement Ready

Crafting your seamless path to placement-ready success

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Success demands dedication and commitment to your success journey. At N-hance, we believe your mindset is the architect of your success. If you can’t commit to building a strong career, N-hance is not for you

You are not yet ready for a learning rigour of 3 days a week for 12 weeks

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Creative Confidence

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eN-HANCE your odds of getting into a dream job in the technology sector.

If you are
A Recent College Graduate

Excited about making a career in product design.

if you want
A Career Switch

Stuck at a job that doesn’t challenge you creatively enough.

If you are already in
A Creative Role

such as UX/UI designer, Content writer, graphics designer, ux researcher but you need a reboot.

If you are
A product manager

wanting to take out guesswork from product discovery and build an appreciation for product design.

The Digital Product Design Playing Field

Who said Product Design
is only UI/UX?

Companies look for a variety of roles witin the ambit of product design. Here are four of those.

The core competencies required for a UX Researcher

includes User Research, Data Analysis, Empathy Mapping, Communication and Research Methodologies

The core competencies required for a UX Designer

includes User-Centered Design, Wireframing and Prototyping, Interaction Design, Usability Testing, Information Architecture, and Visual Design.

The core competencies required for a Ui Designer

includes Visual Design, User Interface Principles, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Typography, and Graphic Design.

The core competencies required for a UX Writer

include Content Strategy, User-Centered Writing, Information Architecture, Microcopy, Empathy for User Needs, and Collaboration with Design and Development teams.

Know more about product design


What Recruiters Look For In a Product Design (UX/UI) Candidate

Recruiters look for candidates with a real portfolio that showcases their product design skills and knowledge, as well as the ability to gather industry insights and prepare for interviews.


Build A Real Portfolio

that demonstrate the right blend of product design core competencies to your future recruiters for your desired and most fitted role

Product Tear-downs

Gain valuable insights from our product tear-downs.

Real Product Audit

Discover how we analyze and improve real-life products.

Capstone Project Showcase

Experience the culmination of our design expertise.


Master Your T-Shaped Skillset

Unlock your potential with focused learning and weekly sprints.

Master Required Skills with focussed learning through Weekly Sprints

Gain T-shaped knowledge through our Foundation and Track modules.

Focussed learning through Weekly Sprints

Join our community and start your learning journey now.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Foundation and Track modules that builds your T-shaped knowledge. Explore our courses and find your true calling.


Stay Informed, Get Inspired

Access industry insights and connect with like-minded professionals.

Join the Community

Engage with experts and fellow professionals in our community.

Get Inspired Now

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Expand Your Knowledge with Guest Lectures

Learn from exclusive guest lectures from industry experts across the globe.


Get Ready for Success

Prepare for interviews and land your dream job

Portfolio Review

Receive expert feedback on your portfolio to make it stand out.

Resume Writing

Craft a professional resume that highlights your skills and experience.

Career Counselling

Get guidance on your career path and make informed decisions.

Mock Interviews

Practice and improve your interview skills with realistic mock interviews.

3-Tiered Certification

Signal your placement readiness using a gamified learning system. Earn certificates of Participation, Completion & Excellence.

Differentiate in the job market with our

3-Tiered Certification

Get endorsed by us through Certifications tailored to your skill and determination level

Certificate Of Participation

Awarded to participants who do the bare minimum to pass this course

Certificate Of COMPLETION

Awarded to participants who complete the course.

Certificate Of EXCELLENCe

Awarded to participants who complete the course and go above and beyond.

A curriculum Spread Over 12 Weekly Sprints That

Simulate On-The-Job Learning Experience

A curriculum* Spread Over 12 Weekly Sprints That

Simulate On-The-Job Learning Experience

Week 1

A synopsis to the field of Product Design

This week you will be introduced to design, its importance, the different roles in design and more.

Week 2

Reasoning Out

This week you will be learning about the different types of research, survey techniques, documentation and more.

Week 3

Outlining an approach

This week you will understand journey mapping, information architecture and more.

Week 4

Hands on approach

This week you will be introduced to Low and High Fidelity Wireframes and documentation of wireframes.

Week 5

Unveiling the Essence of Design

This week you will learn to design content in a more accessible way as well as typography.

Week 6

The Arena of Design Tools

This week you get to learn the tools used in design such as Figma, Miro, Maze and plugins for the same.

Week 7

The Realm of Visuals

This week you are introduced to visuals, typefaces and the basics of iconography and logo design.

Week 8

The Making of UI Screens

This week you will learn about the basic animations used in design and more.

Week 9

Simplest Approach to execute Design

This week you learn about bringing your designs to life by learning prototyping techniques for digital and paper prototyping

Week 10

Increasing the Intensity

This week you introduced to the basics of usability testing. it’s importance and responsive UI design. You will also learn how to design as a team

Week 11

The Final Blow

This week you will learn about UX Case studies and build your resume. Also get your portfolio and projects assessed.

Week 12

Ready for The Final Horizon

Learn how to enhance your design and skills by leveraging AI and learn about UX Writing and Ideation.

Why Is now The Best Time To Become A Product Designer?

Don’t take our word at face value, listen ot what leaders of the industry have to say

“Designers are equal to product managers”

-Brian chesky

Industry stats

Country still requires 62,000 designers

the design industry is currently growing at an annual rate of 25%, across disciplines. Yet, for all the exciting potential and ability that exists in design in India—and her proud crafts heritage— the country still requires some 62,000 designers, out of which presently only 7,000 (approx.) are qualified.

Average salary of a product designer is ~ 8. LPA

UI/UX designers are one of the most sought-after professionals. With an average salary of ~8. LPA, product design is an excellent career path.

Salary of a product designer according to Glassdoor

The average salary for product designer is ₹6,01,224 per year in the India. A senior product designer can earn on average ₹16,34,904.

What People Say About Us - twh

What people have testified to after experiencing 300+ hours of content in a 2 hour workshop.

Crafting Your Career in product design .

A Guide to Choosing the Right Product Design Path .

Talking Design with Avijit Dutta

In under 60 minutes walk in the shoes of a product designer.


Our Facilitators

who are committed to make you placement ready in 12 weeks

Marrianne Oh

Marianne, a senior research director with 16 years' experience, shapes success for global brands like Electronic Arts and Netflix. Focused on consumer culture and user experience, her APAC insights drive impactful market strategies.

Avijit Dutta

will spearhead the boot camp. Avijit is the founder of Nonlinear Consulting. As an alumnus of IIM Bengaluru, he has a unique insight into combining business knowledge and design cohesively.

We have something in store for everyone

Pricing plan

Introductory offer

for the inaugural batch

We don’t want you to break your bank while crafting a design career.
3 part payment


  • Course fee
  • ₹ 100,000
  • Discount
  • ₹ 0
  • You Pay
  • ₹ 100,000
  • First instalment : ₹40,000 at the start of bootcamp
  • Second instalment : ₹30,000 after 4 weeks from the start of bootcamp
  • Second instalment : ₹30,000 after 8 weeks from the start of bootcamp
* 18% GST included * T&C apply
2 part payment


  • Course fee
  • ₹ 100,000
  • Discount 2%
  • ₹ 2,000
  • You pay
  • ₹ 98,000
  • Up front discount of 2%
  • First instalment : ₹50,000 at the start of bootcamp
  • Second instalment : ₹48,000 after 4 weeks from the start of bootcamp
* 18% GST included * T&C apply
Single payment


  • Course fee
  • ₹ 100,000
  • Discount 5%
  • ₹ 5,000
  • You pay
  • ₹ 95,000
  • Additional discount available for recently graduated students or yet to graduate
  • Up front discount of 5%
  • Bulk booking of 3 to 5 students can avail additional offer
* 18% GST included * T&C apply


Hear are a collection of questions and answers that are commonly asked by users

The Bootcamp spans over the duration of 12 Weeks, with each week consisting of classes on 3 days.

Yes, this bootcamp is tailored to accommodate all experience levels of product design

Yes! The TOP performing students stand a chance to win a scholarship and get a partial refund of their bootcamp fees.

We are not a placement agency, however, we will equip you with the skills needed to get placement ready

Cancellation is not available once the bootcamp course starts. You can reach out to us for a refund if you cancel within 15 days.

No. There are no prerequisites to join the bootcamp.

Refer to the Simulate On-The-Job Learning Experience section to know more

With faculties and staff from diverse backgrounds you get the chance to view things from a different perspective. This is will also provides you with a great chance to expand your social network.

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